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About Us at RHY:

RHY works with runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth up to the age of 21. Services include: 24-hour crisis hotline; emergency housing; crisis and on-going counseling for youth and families; transportation; independent living skills; referrals; academic tutoring; and advocacy. Services are provided within an asset-based framework that identifies and supports the youth's strengths. 



                  Did you know???              

Every year there is an estimated 1.8-2.1 million homeless youth in the United States. They struggle to survive from day to day, doing what they can to secure food and temporary shelter. Most of these youth are on the streets because  their home environments were too much to endure. Common family experiences for these youth include abuse/neglect, domestic violence, and parental substance abuse....

RHY'S 24 hour hotline number is: 315-866-1112

All other inquiries please call 315-894-9917

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